‘Eid in America!

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By TMO Staff


Most of the mosques in the US celebrated ‘Eidul Fitr on Tuesday August 30th, 2011, finalizing the festival of worship and celebration that was Ramadan of AH 1432.

In this issue is a series of reports from around the USA, where TMO reporters describe their own ‘Eid experiences.

The Bloomfield Hills’ Muslim Unity Center celebrated ‘Eid on Tuesday, filled to overflowing and forced to have three separate celebrations (at 8AM, 10AM, and 11AM).  These ‘Eid khutbas focused on keeping Allah in mind “whatever you do,” the imam arguing that if you keep Allah in your mind, that will prevent you from doing wrong.  The khutbah also focused on Tawhid. 

Children at the center had a very good time, as there were rides and slides, and plenty of good food, and a festive atmosphere permeated the atmosphere of this suburban mosque.

Other reports in this issue of TMO!


Imam Latif Speaks at Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center

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By TMO Stringer


April 17, 2011, Bloomfield Hills–Imam Al-Amin Abdul Latif, is a leader of the Islamic Leadership Council of NY, was the guest speaker for the evening program on April 15, 2011 at the Muslim Unity Center in Bloomfield Hills MI. Imam Almasmari, the current imam of the center, introduced him.

The theme of his speech was on Mercy, Compassion and Guidance based on the life of our beloved Prophet (s). And through this he said, “I want to present to you the true picture of Islam”.

Giving examples from the life of Prophet (s) he said in a forceful and convincing way that we as a Muslim, respect life, but there are people in the east and the west who believe in destroying life with impunity.

This gives a bad name to Muslims all over the world.

A real Muslim is the one with whom the world feels blessed and safer, who believes in Mercy to the Muslims and to the non Muslims.

We are living in a difficult time, he said, but if we follow the path of our Prophet (s) in dealing with our women, children, neighbors, and those who disagree with us, we will make our communities and societies rise to a higher degree than what we are today. We must continue to strive for a better and safer world.

America is the only country in the world where people can exercise their rights freely. Giving the example of recent huge rally in NY he said, “Look, how people mingled, talked, shouted slogans and moved about fearlessly.” People in the rally hailed from all sorts of backgrounds, they hailed from different ethnicity, different countries, with different cultures, old, young, and some parents with their babies in strollers moved freely, talked and chatted with people unknown to them and even with the people from the law enforcement agencies, in spite of the fact that the whole atmosphere appeared to be highly charged.

He concluded by saying, “American society is an open society and because of current degradation of moral and social values the door for Dawah is wide open. We must utilize this opportunity by remaining on the path of Mercy and Compassion towards all as shown to us by our Prophet (s).

Imam Almasmari thanked the speaker for enlightening the audience and entertained questions from the audience.


Bloomfield Imam Gives Lecture on Things Liked and Disliked by Allah

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By Adil James, TMO

Bloomfield–April 16–Imam Al-Masry of the Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center gave an educational lecture Saturday evening about the things that Allah likes and dislikes. 

The imam focused on honoring and respecting parents, neighbors, saying that Prophet (s) had said that being good to a neighbor was a clear sign of iman.  The imam spoke about avoiding pride and arrogance, saying that harsh proud men are men of hellfire. 

He gave the example of a man who in the time of Prophet (s) evicted another man from his home for not paying rent, and threw all of his furniture into the street–the man who evicted the renter complained to Prophet (s) because people were cursing him as they encountered the furniture in their way in the street, and Prophet (s) said that Allah had cursed him first for what he had done.
Another good characteristic the imam emphasized was that of serving others–he said that “we should not be embarrassed to serve others,” illustrating this with an example from the Prophet’s (s) life of when he helped an old woman by carrying her belongings.  When she spoke against him (not knowing who he was) and then realized who he was, she said “You were given the best of manners,” and immediately said shahada.

The imam encouraged people not to expose the good that they do, saying Allah doesn’t like that.  He said the hadith that seven will be shaded on the Day of Judgment, including those whose left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does,” meaning they hide their sadaqa.

The imam also quoted a hadith showing that hidden sadaqa is extremely powerful.

Another disliked action, the imam explained, was transgression–he said there is a line beyond which you must not go.

The imam spoke at length against betrayal.  He also spoke against waste and extravagance, and against looking slovenly.

Throughout his lecture the imam illustrated his arguments with examples.


Southeast Michigan Upcoming Events

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Mark Your Calendars! Arab American Service Day is May 15

access Arab American Service Day 2010For the sixth year in a row, thousands of volunteers across the nation will come together on Saturday, May 15 to give back to their communities through service projects. You can be a part of this amazing event by joining ACCESS staff, volunteers and AmeriCorps to demolish a blighted house in the Old Redford neighborhood in Detroit, paint a mural and clean up a park. There also will be a Free Market with household items, perishables and clothing. ACCESS is partnering with Motor City Blight Busters and Lowe’s for Service Day. All ages are welcome. Contact Sue Makki, 313-842-1933 or smakki@accesscommunity.org or Arwa Algharazi, 313-843-2844 or aalgharazi@accesscommunity.org to sign up. See you there!

ACCESS 39th Anniversary Dinner

ACCESS intends to host its 39th annual anniversary dinner on May 1, 2010.  The event will show many of ACCESS’s sponsors and will host political  leaders from all levels (national, state, and local).  For questions, contact Rose Assi at rassi@accesscommunity.org or 313-842-4749.

ACCESS will honor Peter Tanous, founder of the American Task Force for Lebanon, at their dinner, with the Arab American of the Year Award.  He is an accomplished author and is a graduate of Georgetown University.

Other ACCESS Events

ACCESS sponsors many free and useful events, hosted mostly at their center in Dearborn on Sheaffer Street, which you can see on their calendar at (http://accfea.convio.net/site/Calendar?view=MonthGrid).


Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center

Monthly Dinner and Friday Night Lecture Combined:

Citizenship and Civic Engagement in a Non-Muslim Society, with speaker Jamal Badawi.

Bring your family Listen to Br. Gamal Badawi’s lecture and join other Muslim Unity center families

For: Our Monthly Dinner; April 16th; 7:00-9:00 P.M.; Pre- Registration is required; Advance Purchase Ticket Prices: $10/ Member, $12/ Non- Member; At the Door: $15.

BMUC Fundraiser

On April 24th, 2010, BMUC will hold a fundraiser.

* Tickets are available for sale at the office and with Br. Samer Soukfeh

* Ticket Prices: $500/ adult and $200/student

* No other fundraising activities will take place.


The BMUC is seeking artists to display their work at the Open House this year.  For information, call 248-857-9200.


Michigan Radio

Michigan Radio to explore life of “Muslims in Michigan”

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Michigan Radio is partnering with the University of Michigan Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies to launch a new project examining the religious, ethnic, and social lives of the state’s diverse Muslim population. This “Muslims in Michigan” initiative will consist of a five-part radio series, film events, speakers, and a community conversation.

The Muslims in Michigan radio series, which airs April 12-16, will explore topics such as sharia law, halal meats, and the construction of a new mosque in Grand Rapids. Additionally, Michigan Radio’s reporters will profile individual Muslims who have recently converted to Islam. The series will include contributions by reporters Jennifer Guerra, Sarah Hulett, and Dustin Dwyer. The station will broadcast these reports all next week during Morning Edition at approximately 6:20 and 8:20 am, and during All Things Considered between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

The Muslims in Michigan Community Conversation supplementing this radio series will take place on Thursday, April 15, at 7 pm at the Arthur Miller Theater on the University of Michigan’s North Campus. This event will be an opportunity for listeners and members of the community to learn more about Michigan’s Muslim population. Information about this event, and others associated with this project, can be found at muslimsinmichigan.org.      



MuslimFest, presented by Soundvision

On April 11th at 4PM, there will be a large event insha`Allah at Burton Manor in Livonia.

Soundvision is sponsoring “Muslimfest,” with keynote speaker Tariq Ramadan, who will speak on the subject of “Jihad within Young Hearts:  Toward a Positive Engagement.”

The event is billed as “an inspiring family evening to think together for our future in America.  This fundraising dinner will include a multimedia presentation on the alarming findings of latest research regarding Muslim youth in America and some innovative strategic thinking to meet the new challenges.  Tariq Ramadan books will be available as well.

All those purchasing admission will also receive a Tariq Ramadan book.  Ticket price is $100 per adult, student discount is $50.  Children 2-9 can enter for $15 per child.

For more information, see www.soundvision.com/TariqRamadan.

There will also be a Mini MuslimFest for Muslim children, with the mascot Adam from Adam’s World.  There will be live interactive storytelling, film clips on a 96 sq. ft. screen, dinner, and “much more.” 

For more information please see www.soundvision.com/Muslimfest.

You can also volunteer for the event:  www.soundvision.com/about/volunteer.asp

Obama’s America & the Muslim World

ISPU is hosting a dinner on April 24th at the Hyatt Regency in Dearborn (600 Town Center Dr., Marquis Ballroom) at 6PM.  The keynote speaker is Juan Cole, professor of history at the University of Michigan.  His most recent book is Engaging the Muslim World, and he also recently authored Napoleon’s Egypt:  Invading the Middle East.  He has been a regular guest on PBS’s Lehrer News Hour and has also appeared on ABC Nightly News, Nightline, the Today Show, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper 360, Countown with Keith Olbermann, Democracy Now! and many others.

He has appeared several times in The Muslim Observer as well.

For more information you can contact Sadia Shakir at 1-800-920-ISPU or 1-800-920-4778.

Al-’Aqabah Islamic Community Center

Al-’Aqabah Islamic Community Center (AICC) announces that their offer to purchase a 6,308 ft2 building in central Detroit was accepted.  The building is intended as a Musalla and a social hall for the community.

According to the CIOM email statement, “AICC was founded by Imam Mika`il Stewart Saadiq (an educator for over ten years and student of the late Imam Luqman Abdullah).  Masjid Al-’Aqabah is committed to serving the social and religious service needs of the people.  AICC has a critical program with practical objects.  AICC is currently raising funds to purchase the new building; the total price is $275,000 minus the $76,000 needed to occupy the space.”

You can speak with Imam Mika`il at 313-717-8921.

Islamic House of Wisdom Fundraiser

The Islamic House of Wisdom (IHW) will hold a fundraiser on April 25th at 3PM at 22575 Ann Arbor Trail, Dearborn Heights.  The ticket donation is $50.



CAIR Arranges for Forensic Pathologist to Review Imam Luqman Autopsy and Photos

After months of delay, CAIR-MI on Friday was given seventy-five autopsy pictures of Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, including pictures of his corpse laying in a trailer, by the Wayne County Medical Examiner.

The autopsy report and photographs will be turned over to a renowed forsenic pathologist this week for the purpose of obtaining an authoritative independent review.


Islamic Shura Council of Michigan

The Islamic Shura Council (ISCOM) is sponsoring its annual “Day of Goodness” on Saturday April 17, 2010 at 5:00 PM at the Westin Hotel, 1500 Town Center, Southfield Michigan. 

The theme is “bringing out the goodness of the ummah for the betterment of all,” with keynote speaker Dr. Gamal Badawi.

ISCOM intends to use money raised to support its normal projects including Muslim Family Services, Huda Clinic, various soup kitchens, Food Pantry Program, Humanitarian Day, and more.

Contact Mouhib Ayas at 248-705-9137.



Hojjaj Party at Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center (BMUC)

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By Adil James, MMNS

P1108645 Bloomfield–January 10–Many Muslims made the hajj pilgrimage this year from the Southeast Michigan region, and so the Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center had a party this past Sunday night to celebrate their noble accomplishment.

About 150 people were present at the function which was in mood more spiritual than most of the other functions at the center.  The marks of hajj were in fact visible on some of the attendees, many of whom had shaved their heads at the end of the hajj and were still growing back their hair.

Imam Musa explained to TMO that “This year there were less people because of swine flu.”

BMUC presented small token gifts to about 10 people who recently came back from hajj, and a slide show played through the event, showing familiar faces and familiar places that one might not have seen together before, like Imam Musa on Arafat for example.

The Hojjaj party gave a chance for each of the hojjaj to present a few brief words either of advice, of admiration for having made hajj, or of lessons learned from making the hajj.

P1108646 One piece of advice was to make the hajj while one is still young because in fact it is a demanding exercise.

Many of the returning hojjaj remarked that they didn’t feel the exhaustion from the trip until after their return to home, because of having been so overwhelmed with fascination during their trip.

“Don’t stay away too long from this place,” advised one returnee.  “Come back in a year or two.”

One man said, “It is very hard to explain the feeling of seeing the Kaaba for the first time–it is something that comes from the heart.”

One returnee was moved to tears, and said “I was amazed what Prophet (s) did for all of us.”

The Unity Center will have an umra trip early this April.


Southeast Michigan (V11-I38)

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BMUC Sunday School Opens

bmuc sunday school

Bloomfield Hills–September 9–Imam Hossameldin Musa welcomed 133 students to the Bloomfield Unity Center’s first Sunday School session last Sunday, September 6th. 

The Sunday school will be open 10AM to 2:45PM each Sunday except for ‘eid, Sept. 20th.

The imam was excited to tell TMO also about the hifz program which is beginning this year at BMUC, patterned on the extremely successful and powerful similar program at the Tawheed Center (which already has several graduates back in Western style schools)–the BMUC hifz teacher is Shaykh Ahmad Mabrook.

Imam Musa explained “we have a friendly school, it’s very clean, we have AC in every room, top of the line teachers–some of them with MBA’s–many were raised in this country.”

The Sunday school hopes to welcome many more students this year–so please consider joining the program to secure for your children a basic knowledge of Islam in a warm environment.  Imam Hossam emphasizes that one of the goals of his school is to give “warmth, love, and caring” to the students–nothing less than what they receive in their mainstream schools during the week.

The price of the school is $650 per year for BMUC members, and $750 per year for nonmembers–which is an amazing deal if you consider that for that price students receive food, books, and tuition for the program. 

Explains the younger imam Musa, “We use the I love Islam series–it’s really good.”

Most of the students in the program are from local public schools, some from Huda.

In school, children also pray dhohr in jama’at behind the elder Imam Musa, who is now the longest-serving imam in Michigan.

Michigan Food Pantry Program

Please support this program. The Islamic Shura Council of Michigan is supporting Gleaners Food Bank to buy food at a discount and distribute it throughout Michigan.  The program is year-round. 


Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-12th) Needs Your Support

The only Muslim legislator in Michigan is under fire from political opponents after opposing a bridge project by Matty Moroun.  Apparently in collaboration with Moroun, political consultant Adolph Mongo has filed multiple recall petitions against Tlaib.

Tarek Baydoun is spearheading an effort to defend her.  To join the effort to defend and help her you can contact 313-297-8800.


MYNA Association Meets at Bloomfield’s Muslim Unity Center

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By Adil James, MMNS

Bloomfield Hills-November 30-Speak to people on the level they understand. This seems to have been the theme that underlay an engaging speech given by Michigan State University sophomore Tammam Alwani to a packed room of about 50 students and parents at the Bloomfield Muslim Unity Center this past Friday evening.

Mr. Alwan covered several points very well, emphasizing that speaking about Islam with non-Muslims is a necessity–”We must speak to them to survive.”

He challenged points which are essential, namely that in speaking with others we should not take an absolutist position, instead respecting the necessary differences of outlook that exist even within the Muslim community. He explained that Muslims should not use Qur`an as proof in speaking with non-Muslims, since those non-Muslims obviously do not accept Qur`an so will not believe arguments based on it. He emphasized the importance of neither fearing exposure to non-Muslims nor completely abandoning our way in favor of their way–instead we should engage with non-Muslims with wisdom.

The young people started out very engaged in his speech, speaking frankly with him and listening closely. After the early part of the meeting, adults peppered Mr. Alwan with questions and reactions and the children faded to silence.

Speaking of the reason for the meeting, Dr. Muhammad Kashlan, the President of the Unity Center, explained that “We want to develop youth leadership in the center–we want to prepare good leaders” to take over for us after we are gone.