What Mother Mary Means to Me

By Afeefa Syeed The house in which Mary is purported to have lived her last years, located in Mt. Koressos in the vicinity of Ephesus, near Selçuk in Turkey. At Christmas time I hum along to the Little Drummer Boy song. I always wanted to be that drummer who gave a gift to the new […]

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January 2, 2014

France To Maintain A Headscarf Ban Despite Legal Advice

France decided on Monday to maintain a ban on Muslim headscarves for volunteer school monitors despite a warning that it overstepped the law requiring religious neutrality in the public service.

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December 26, 2013

Fashion & Faith

Fashion, faith tie into art of head-wrapping at expo in Dearborn

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November 21, 2013

Saudi Women Drive Through Ban

A few women filmed themselves driving in Saudi cities on Saturday, defying government warnings of arrest and prosecution to take part in a campaign against men-only road rules, activists said.

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November 14, 2013

“Why-Islam” Expands in Mexico

After notable success in the US, a leading Muslim organization has expanded its awareness campaign to Mexico to present an accurate image of Islam and create new opportunities for dialogue with a new community.

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November 7, 2013

Kiwi Athlete Sonny Bill Williams Converts to Islam

He’s converted from a rugby league teen sensation into an All Black juggernaut, and along the way become a promising heavyweight boxer. But Sonny Bill Williams has also made a spiritual conversion to Islam…

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October 31, 2013

Arnoud to Produce Pro-Islam Film

“It was not the first time I had visited the holy land, as I had been here in February this year to perform Umrah”, he said, adding that, he had found the comfort and peace of mind near the tomb of the Holy Prophet (s) in holy city of Madinah.

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October 24, 2013

Converts to Islam: UK Women on Prayer, Peace and Prejudice

Around 5,000 British people convert to Islam every year – and most of them are women. Six of them talk about prejudice, peace and praying in car parks

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October 17, 2013

Eid Al-Adha Will Be on Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Anaheim – Oct 5, 2013:  The Shura Council is pleased to announce that Eid al-Adha will be celebrated on Tuesday, the 15th of October, a day after the Wuquf of Arafah. Eid al Adha commemorates the sacred timings and places of Hajj such as the city of Makkah, Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat and in solidarity […]

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October 10, 2013

A Voice Behind A Veil

I am a Muslim women. I wear the niqaab (face veil).

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September 19, 2013

Open Letter from Dr. Mohamad Beltaji to His Daughter Asma Beltaji

My beloved daughter and dignified teacher Asma al-Beltaji; I do not say goodbye to you; I say tomorrow we shall meet again.

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August 29, 2013

Saud Al-Shuraim Condemns Egypt Bloodshed

the famous qari Saud Al-Shuraim severely condemned the bloodshed in Egypt

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August 22, 2013

Muslims Give MORE Charity!

Muslims ‘Give Most To Charity’, Ahead Of Christians, Jews And Atheists, Poll Finds

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August 15, 2013

Statement by President on the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr

Michelle and I send our warmest greetings to Muslims celebrating Eid al-Fitr here in the United States and around the world.  During the past month, Muslims have honored their faith through prayer and service, fasting and time spent with loved ones.  At this year’s White House Iftar, I was proud to spend time with some […]

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August 13, 2013

Eid al-Fitr on Thursday, August 8, 2013

… as announced earlier, Eid al-Fitr will be on Thursday, August 8, 2013

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August 1, 2013

Prophet’s (s) Cloak on Display in Istanbul

The cloak of the Prophet Mohammad (s) is now on display in Istanbul, Turkey, and officials said it would remain on show through Ramadan.

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July 25, 2013

Letter from a Christian to Muslim Women

‘’…Most of us are not happy, trust me…’

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July 18, 2013

Statement: Pres. Obama on Occasion of Ramadan

With the start of the sacred month of Ramadan, Michelle and I extend our best wishes to Muslim communities here in the United States and around the world…

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July 11, 2013

Bollywood Actress Mamta Kulkarni Converts to Islam

Former Actress of Bollywood Mamta Kulkarni has converted to Islam.

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June 20, 2013

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