Reduce Employee Discrimination For All Americans

“He came to America because he believed in America … Now the jury has restored his faith.”

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April 3, 2014

New Michigan Foreclosure Law Makes Homeowners More Vulnerable to Losing Their Homes

As if the foreclosure process was not stressful enough already for homeowners the revised Michigan statute, MCL 600.3240(13), provides mortgage lenders nearly unfettered authority to enter your home and evict you from the premises.

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February 20, 2014

I Am Ready to Leave My Business, But What Will Happen to It?

By Zacharia S. Bonham All great things come to an end.  Your ability or willingness to continue with your business is no different.  Perhaps you want to retire or you want to move on to a new project or business venture but you do not want to simply abandon your current business.  Below is a […]

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February 13, 2014

Does Everyone Need Advance Health Care Directives?

Answer: Yes. …

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January 16, 2014

Getting Divorced? Marital Property v Separate Property? How do you tell?

… divorce, going through the process can be daunting and potentially costly …

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January 9, 2014

Requesting Your Assistance: Protect the Right to Wear Hijab

By Zeynep Kandur, İstanbul, Turkey To the Editor: Women shout slogans to protest against a ban on the wearing Islamic head scarves in universities, in Ankara, Turkey.  Photograph by Burhan Ozbilici, AP In response to the letter written by Professor Carol Delaney, dated October 9, 2013: Professor Delaney claims that the lifting of the ban […]

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October 31, 2013

Gift Taxes for Muslims

By Adil James, TMO Gift taxes for most people are irrelevant.  Any gift of $14,000 or less to an individual is not even reportable.  Cumulatively, your lifetime gifts over the annual exclusion amount, added to your estate value, are potentially taxable only IF they add up to more than $5,250,000.  Therefore, if you are a […]

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August 12, 2013

Pakistani Rape Laws Islamic or Un-Islamic?

Murtaza Haider in an important article, “A License to Rape” published in Dawn newspaper, discusses the British (not Islamic) origins of the Hudood laws of Pakistan

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June 13, 2013

Medical Practices: Failure to Follow Corporate Formalities Can Lead to Personal Liability…

Benjamin Franklin once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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June 6, 2013

No Plan? Then Risk Having the State of Michigan Take Your Assets…

There was a very interesting article I came across in the New York Times on April 27th, 2013. It was titled: “He Left a Fortune, to No One.”

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May 23, 2013

Placing Your Adult Child Joint on Your Home – Joint Ownership

As children get older it sometimes becomes enticing for parents to have their now adult child joint on their home property.

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February 21, 2013

How to Determine if it is Time for an Estate Plan – Evaluating Your Family Situation

By Adil Daudi, Esq. All too often I am approached by and asked during my estate planning seminars, “Do I need an estate plan now?” “When is the best time to get an estate plan?” “Isn’t estate planning for older people?” Unfortunately, because everyone’s family and financial situation is different, it is always difficult for […]

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January 31, 2013

Leadership in Tallahassee “Stand Against Intolerance”

Over the past two legislative sessions, the Florida House and Senate wasted precious taxpayer dollars hearing harmful and unnecessary anti-Sharia legislation.

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January 31, 2013

How Do I Protect My Minor Children?

Thinking about life and what happens after death to ones child is never easy; but, that is not to say it is not important.

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January 19, 2013

Business Owners: Checklist on Steps for Protection

Like doctors, business owners face a very similar concern when it comes to their business assets – lawsuits, creditors, attorneys.

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January 10, 2013

Estate Plan for the Unexpected: “I’m Too Young to Start an Estate Plan…”

The statement, “I’m too young to think about an estate plan,” is one I have heard much too-often.

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January 3, 2013

“How Should My Real Estate be Titled?”

it is unfortunate that how often people overlook the titling of their property and don’t give it the consideration it deserves

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December 27, 2012

Asylum Explained

By Adil James, TMO November 30–Bloomfield Hills–Attorney Sayyed Mustafa spoke Friday night about the process of applying for asylum in the United States. Mr. Mustafa has extensive experience which showed in his comfort with the subject matter of the night. About 40 people were present, as Mr. Mustafa explained, in broad strokes, that an asylum […]

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December 6, 2012

‘Anti-Sharia’ Law Moves in Michigan House

Supporters of an “anti-sharia” bill that’s been sitting in Michigan’s State House Judiciary Committee for over a year are pushing state lawmakers to put the measure to a vote.

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November 29, 2012

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