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May 5, 2011

Precious Cargo

The utter disregard for the safety of children traveling in motor vehicles in the Middle East is alarming.

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April 21, 2011

Putting an End to “Scavenger” Hunts

As the old adage goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” However, for hundreds of thousands of poor day laborers in the Middle East, it is an unfortunate way of life.

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April 14, 2011

The Evolution of Femi9

In the midst of a veritable revolution sweeping straight across the Middle East in a blur of force that refuses to abate, it is getting harder and harder to uncover even the smallest glimmer of hope. Whatever victories have been won have been paid for dearly with the precious commodity of human life. However, there are a few sparkles of hope here and there that give reason to rejoice.

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March 27, 2011

Morocco Textiles Hit by Crisis, Hopes for Recovery

SALE, Morocco, March 16 (Reuters) – Below the locked-up rooms where she once used to sew for a living, Zahra Bouffera makes her bed in the corridor of the factory she now calls home.

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March 17, 2011

Iranian Skiers Shrug Off Crisis on Slopes

TEHRAN (Reuters) – On the snowy mountains that loom over Tehran, wealthy Iranians can put the political problems and economic fears that hang over the capital city like smog, behind them.

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March 17, 2011

The Billion-Dollar Grant

It almost seems as if “pennies from heaven” are falling from the skies of Kuwait and straight into the pockets of many a delighted Kuwaiti.

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January 20, 2011

A Silent Killer

… in the Middle East, drug addiction and abuse is a taboo topic that is rarely talked about…

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January 6, 2011

Newborn Sextuplets Face Bleak Future in Abu Dhabi

Children born to expatriate laborers in the Middle East region often face uncertain futures as their parents low salaries and poor living conditions have already weaved a perfect web of failure before the baby even comes home from the hospital.

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December 30, 2010

“Glamping” Trip

By Sumayyah Meehan, MMNS Middle East Correspondent “Camping: nature’s way of promoting the motel industry.”  – Dave Barry As the unforgiving heat of summer finally subsides in many regions of the Middle East, many denizens of the Gulf region set their sights to enjoying the cooler weather while it lasts. One of the most popular […]

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December 2, 2010

Photography Ban Irks Kuwait

Kuwait bans DSLRs

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November 24, 2010

The Dilemma: Backscatter Porn or Grope and Fly

backscatter porn, pat down assault, and its implications

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November 17, 2010

IAGD Welcomes 30 Mosques Traveler

By Adil James, MMNS Rochester Hills–November 6–IAGD always brings interesting Muslims forward to address its congregation, for example Monem Salam, the protagonist of the movie On a Wing and a Prayer, who spoke at IAGD about Islamic finance, or Professor Juan Cole, or many others–certainly last weekend’s guest was no disappointment even compared to the […]

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November 11, 2010

From Trash to Treasure

There is a small glimmer of hope for some of the laborers who find themselves far away from home and suffering in isolation. In Kuwait, for example, a group of American expatriates have set up a program called “Trash to Treasure” to help uplift workers that have sought refuge in their embassies.

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November 11, 2010

Opt Out of a Body Scan? Then Brace Yourself

Reporter yelled at and lied to after requesting pat down rather than naked body image.

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November 4, 2010

Larger Than Life?

By Sumayyah Meehan, MMNS Middle East Correspondent The world has seen neither hide nor hair of former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon ever since he suffered from a mild stroke in the winter of 2005. Another more serious stroke in January 2006 rendered Sharon immobile and forced him into a coma from which he has […]

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October 28, 2010

The Business of Prayers

Businesses in Middle East complain publicly about the enforcement of prayer times in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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October 21, 2010

The Cupcake Craze

The demand for sugary caloric treats in the Middle East has created the perfect niche market for home-based businesses in the region to get pretty comfortable in. The absence of stringent governmental food administrations and a wholesale deficiency of licensing requirements to sell food makes it possible for anyone with an oven to go into business.

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October 14, 2010

The Food Fight

A food fight has been brewing in Kuwait the past few weeks and it has consumers seeing red, as in tomato red.

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October 7, 2010

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